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  • We Have Experience

    We have been buying and selling domains privately for years with a collection of 300+ domains.

  • We Are Industry Insiders

    We get the "big picture" from our 20 plus years of commercial web design and SEO experience.

  • All American Company

    We are born and raised New Yorkers with our fingers on markets, trends and speak English.

Success Stories

Let's Get It Done

Most domaineers will go an entire career and never sell a domain name for more than the cost of a good dinner with a friend, but it is a great day when you can sell a domain name for $10,000. We did that, and somewhat by accident.

We knew of a domain name that would be in demand, knew it was openly available, but also knew we would lose in a legal battle - so we waited. We bought the domain months later after humming and hawing about it, but still had a bad leverage position. Several months later, we had all of the leverage when the buyer became active. Using, a private transaction occurred.

Win, us.

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Rebranding with Domain Changes

Clearly one of the hardest things to do is to rebrand a business that has SEO rank and replace all of the domain names AND maintain rank. This was largely accomplished for our big brother company, First Page Media when they converted from Digitalized Media.

First, we developed a migration strategy. This included the domain name purchase of and implementation of redirects. The SEO team at FPM took care of off-site links which is the more tedious part.

Finally, we acquired additional domain names for various purposes, including short URLs for social sharing, a domain name for their intranet, one for their Project Whiteboard software, and another for landing pages.

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The Deal with Dashes

We had a pair of clients looking for help with their new product launches, and amazingly both of them had a dash in their official product name. Both insisted on the use of the dash in their domain name.

... but my logo has a dash in it!

After a length consult (and in one case, a domain acquisition from a private seller), we were able to strategize the use of a redirect from a dashless domain name that redirects to a dashed domain name.

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All About Metrics

One thing that is extremely important in consulting with a domain expert regarding buying, selling or creating a domain strategy is deep experience in not only the domain industry, but also the "whole picture" of development and SEO. Our experience in the industry is growing daily, and our success is measured.


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